Examina project

NOTE, Caran has since changed name to Semcon.

My examina project at the design modeling school Formakademin in Sweden was again
a prototype for Highlandmotors, and the work was done at their development partner Caran AB.
Project leader was Peder Bengtsson at Caran
Designer was Mikael Hallgren at Caran

My choice of examina project was based on the opportunity to be part in the development of a new motorcycle together with Highland. I have had internship at Caran earlier during the education and worked with a 450cc Highland supermotard.

All images are property of Caran / Highland / Reuterholt
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The examina time was 10 weeks, but due to circumstances out of my
control effective time spent was 6 weeks.

My examina project was given the highest degree possible at my school, Pass with special distinction.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you are looking for a motorcycle clay modeller.

Thank you for looking.
Petter Reuterholt


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